Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Trend Report -Spring 2011 RTW

D&G Spring2011 RTW
 the freshest and prettiest show ever
Trend point :Print on print,Garden inspiration,Cartoon tee add a muse,sky-high wedge,sweet head scarves

Gucci Spring 2011 RTW
Trend point:1970s retro,gold python belt,bold colour palette,turquoise jade

Prada Spring2011 RTW
Time to be bold

Trend point:Bright(electric hits of jade/green/blue/orange/violet);Sporty stripe,Print on print(the jungle prints)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sydney life

On beautiful sunny day, I like to go to the city with family.

on the train- lady like?

or rock on ?

from the ferry you would achieve the best shoot
imagine own a penhouse here
lunch by the darling houbour
who has drawn my eyes?isn't she a beauty!

fantastic boats and ships exhibition

I like staring at the changing colour under the water

cheese melting italian pasta and grilled steak,yum

the sun is setting

Staying in Swissotel,warm and neutral deco,the breakfast buffet is pretty good.


next morning,7:00am sun light,amazing

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nostalgia &Vintage

Recently browsing Australian stylist Romy Frydman's blog(,I have the urge to share this video she styled for Alexandra Keating -the former Prime Minister’s daughter.The video is full of the mood of "Nostalgia", AK beaufifully presented 5 amazing vintage pieces!
link here

As we know that every 20 years is a fashion circle, people like to "nostlgia" in this ever changing world.These days if you dress up high end designer's from top to toe,it would be a style disaster.Some fashionistas start to mix high end with discount and a touch of bit vintage.To the gril like AK,vintage piece would be more historical,such as the amazing dress that Queen Elizabeth wore in 1954.

For the majority people like us, shopping in vintage shop or pull of something from mum's would be new experiment.

I have some pieces from my mum's

And a special one from my grandma

Vintage Shopping Guide in Sydney
Top shops:
Coco Repose
82 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills; (02) 9356 4804.
Grandma Takes a Trip
263 Crown Street, Surry Hills; (02) 9356 3322.
79 Gould Street, Bondi Beach; (02) 9130 6262.
The Vintage Clothing Shop
Shop 7, St James Arcade, 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney; (02) 9238 0090.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New brands for Mums in Castle Hill

Spring is just around the cornor while the weather in Sydney is still chill.When we go shopping as usual,surprisedly spot some new brands entering David Jones store in Castle Towers.

Dress:French Connection,$110 down to $79.95.
Amy loves it,great for young mum casual chic!

Top:French Connection $99.95

         Shirt: Seed $129.95  
Military style in Khaki particully suits her,don't you think so?see another piece

Jacket: Cavin Klein jeans $260


Thursday, September 9, 2010

BOHO and extra

This pose is inspired by one of my friend Amy,she always can choose something unique,like this $10 skirt bought 12 years ago from market .Trust me,you never found it again in today's shops.Obviously cute print skirts are well sought after these days.

She is going to South American for holiday next week,suddenly the spicy and exotic colours pot out of my mind,remind me of a cool blog I read days before.The website sells cool Argentine designer's garments and accessories.Extraordinary and unique!check it out.

Some contemporary paitings:the top one is by Dan Mason,mixed media,quite bold and colourful abstractions.Second one isby Larissa Blake,acrylic.

and some little things to enjoy:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Mood Board from Movies and Stars

Hilary Swank

Have you seen the movie<>I bet you did.Well, I don't know if it's wise for Hilary to try a romantic comedy,what interest me is the styling work on her.There is no try-hard(like sex and city the movie),thank God.The movie seamlessly presented her exotic style.How brilliant!

She is an Autumn.Look at her colour palette in the movie,this one is my favourite" Galway girl" .Like Gerard said, I've never seen a girl who put so much colour together...

click and enjoy!

More Hillary Swank's fashion moment:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fur go wild

From the Chanel to Gucci fall 2010 runway,designers'extravagant play on fur, can we call it the retro of " primitivism " in fashion history?

I was wondering if anyone would dare to wear them?Anna DR did.

The sartorialist achieved this photo see how people commend:
"Wild, absolutely wild! Shocking and aggressive; courageous."
"I adore this, I love how she is so vibrant amongst all the grey, brown and black."
"Amazing! God Bless ADR!"

Fur power swept the world, Chinese celebrity Jia ling Liu pull off a Gucci one,

See what comment she received:
"scares me and a big style plunge for her.she wears it just because it is Gucci's newest fall design and expensive,and again,we have to say that big name and price have nothing to do with the taste.was she blinded?when she was looking at mirror she should know this one made her like an chimpanzee "

Hush...well,if you are not like ADR (powerful in fashion world),don't even think of it.If you want to make statement,wear it in shocking colour!

Chinese style grace the red carpet

Bingbing Fan in Song vase inspired gown

Let us review her opening "dragon" gown at Cannes Film Festival,

The traditional Chinese elements combined with Western gown's tailoring,stunning!Let's see another chinese star Bingbing Lee in "Fu"character gown at Vinece film festival.

Another star Wu peici wear the colours of Dun Huang inspired gown at Venice,

Different from Ziyi Zhang's Western modern style, Chinese stars grace the red carpet in their own confidence!