Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My favourite styling photo from "The Satorialist"

Great Styling

Street shoot known as “fast fashion” has become popular in fashion blogs. I chose this photo shoot in Paris from “The sartorialist” blog as great styling for the following reasons:

I love the exotic design on sleeve and lining of the trench coat, plum hues animal print lift up the look yet the colors are harmony with the beige /camel shades. The combinations of textures and patterns such as ruffle, animal print and clean lines show sophisticated elegance style. Plus, colors on the hat and shoes gave the perfect final touch.

Having seen so many classic beige/camel trench coats, this one is definitely eye catching. The leopard print pattern on sleeves corresponds with print lining of the coat. Imagining breezes lifting, it’s a truly surprise. Plum hue animal print gave a chic lift to the whole camel theme.

As plum animal print quite eye catching, she kept inner wear in unity shades. The beige blouse and pants create a lengthening column of neutrals. Yet, front ruffle and little antique green scarf exposed her creative flair. They are adding interesting texture comparing to the clean- cut trench coat and tailored pants.

Furthermore, the antique styled shoes and hat tie in well with the winter wear, and the color cohesive with the leopard print, which completed the overall look.

Overall, she really considered the color, texture and pattern that coordinated well on her, she brought out exotic hue to the safe beige and camel shades and successfully created a sophisticated elegance look.

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