Monday, August 30, 2010

The clogs fever

When I first spot the clog on the Chanel 2010 Spring RTW,wondering where these chunky clogs come from? I only saw them once at Andre Rueu’s concert,from Dutch folk dance, country girls stomp the heavy clip- clop rhythms. I don’t know if Karl Lagerfeld got inspiration from that(pretty suitable for his Spring show though),there’s no way I expect the clog would become a big trend this year.What did industry people say?watch what would Karl do.He is absolutely a trend setter.(The images from

I found Mimco clogs ( and Gorman clogs (  pretty set well for this trend


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Learn colour scheme from Runway

Here is some theory about mix and match colours,learn to assemble a successful color scheme would be pleasing to the eye, interesting, varied and united. A color scheme may be:


Celine Spring2010
This uses only black, white and grey tones.The effect is always smart. Black,white may fall outside your colour palette, using grey as the base colour, black and white as the accent colour.
Composed of colors created from one hue, with the addition of black, white, grey or other colors. The effect is harmonious and safe. The neighbor colors usually present monochromatic theme from the palette.
LV resort2011

▪ Harmonious(Analogous):
Color schemes which are harmonious have one or more hues in common. The effect is more varied than a monochromatic scheme.



 Using colors opposite each other on the color wheel results in a bold, strong and contrasting effect. Exotic and mystery.
                                                                                     Christian Lacroix Fall 2008

▪Discords colour:  
 A discord occurs when the natural tonal order of the colour wheel is reversed. Visually cause “colour
clash”,confidence is the key.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009

▪ Combined harmonious/complementary:
These are mainly harmonious colors combinations, livened up with complementary accents. The overall effect is still harmonious, with exciting highlights.

Chloe Fall2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seasonal colour wise

Khaki /Turquoise/ Emerald Green/ Orange-red/ Nude/ Coral are seemed to be flooded in the current season.Where are these fashion- wise colors come from? Are they all suitable for you?

According to Pantone fashion color report Spring 2010 and Fall 2010(, tropical Turquoise/Lagoon are definitely in. Often seen in accessories such as bags (Mimco store in Castle Towers).Turquoise is great choice for the Autumn people.
Spread with Military trend, Khaki /Dried herb /Woodbine are great neutral greens for the new season. Love Cavin Klein's Khaki jacket( David Jones store). Khaki is fantastic color for Autumn people too.

Coral will look beautiful for the Spring people. Try the current seasons in Witchery

This season's new red is more faded or muted red. Personally I like Burt Orange pair with Khaki; Lipstick red goes with Turquoise for the Retro look.

Pastels such as Pink champagne, Rose dust and Violet stay strong in this season, which woman not fancy soft pastels? Only those lucky Summer would present them the best. Pastels are the signature color in the Forever New.

Light- Medium Grey is the new black for the season, grey is great neutral that would go with any other colors. Almost suit for every one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wardrobe styling

I have a Chinese girlfriend who always complains about her figure,actually she's very slim and easy to dress,but she is not happy with her long waist and A cup bust and keep buying the wrong colour garments for years.The following wardrobe assessment is conducted on her current wardrobe and lifestyle.

Sherry,your body type is naturally balanced- slim athletic, also quiet tiny (height 160cm) and fall into petite tendencies. Your skinny and toned frame is great to embrace many flattering runway trends. Be brave to experiment. You have broad shoulder and long waist, therefore, lengthen legs and create curve of the bust are the key to improve your frame.

Sherry, this outfit shows you are dressing ok to your shape. Skinny jeans shows off your great legs, choosing the knit wear as the top cleverly form your curve of the bust; watermelon is an easy worn colour, flattering your natural feature. V-neck shape can correct your round face and show the great collar bones part.

The whole outfit shows casual and sporty style, however it is boring and looks cheap and dated. The tired knitwear lost its shape, stretchy and saggy down, exposed the long waist and the shorter legs. The white sporty sneakers are in the contrast colour with the jeans, shorten the leg’s appearance.

You want to experience the fashion essence, dream of the stylish and feminine silhouette; you want to discover your style.

Sherry was an accountant,after staying at home looking after baby for 2 years,she decides to re-enter the working place.
•How do you describe your current style-feminine, sporty(natural),classic or dramatic?
Sporty / natural. Prefer comfortable, practical clothes and bags. I usually don’t wear dresses.
• What kind of clothing do you need?
Dress and corporate clothes
• Will it be casual, relaxed, corporate, a special occasion etc.?
Corporate and special occasion. I need Cocktail dress for party, corporate suits for interview for job(accountant position)
•What’s your dream style that you wish to achieve?
Feminine style for events. Classic and smart dressing for work. Add a bit fashion to my outfit.
• Do they admire the style of a specific public figure or celebrity?
Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss


The garments no longer fit
This kind of knit wears amount to 50 pieces in your wardrobe. You are stuck in buying these cheap made (purchased at $20-30) in wrong colour (pastel not flatter the winter you) knit wear. They easily loose shapes, colours are fading quickly. Quality knit wear is essential staple for the slim person’s wardrobe. Made in Wool or cashmere are preferred, quality fabric would maintain the shape well, avoid colour fading. Choose the flattering design to create the curve of top. Animal print, beading, lace, ruffle will add glamour and drama.

These colourful business shirts are not suitable to wear with the suit. The dark grey suit was very formal and serious due to the characteristics of accountant job, the green-white striped shirts conflict with the neutral dark tone, failed to create the professional and sophisticated image. Besides, you have complained these shirts are too tight to wear as outfit, uncomfortably wrapped on your body and loose the casual feel.

The garments no longer like
You wear this dress to work. This dress was purchase 5 years ago in China. It was made from stiff materials. Stiff fabrics will make you look square and bulky, simply add mass not height. The design was a disaster. The sleeves shape was dated, yet the bottom tried to copy the trendy “volume” style. You do need a new tailored dress for work as the alternative to suits.

1. Cocktail dress- one for the night party, one for family/friend’s lunch recreation
2. Dress for work -you need one tailored working dress
3. Crisp white shirt- choose a sharp white with drama detailing in front, you have
plenty of neutral suit skirt to wear with it.
4. Black leather jacket- as the quality investment of a jacket/coat item, replace your cheap brown leather jacket, brown is not exciting on the winter person
5. A-line skirt—choose the one make a statement


Kachel cloud silk dress, $199, size8, David Jones, Castle Tower.

You look stunning on this silk silver grey cocktail, perfect for corporate event or friend’s party.
The icy tone is flattering colour for the winter you. Lots of features including pleating, beading can create a little curve to your body, while still keep the line of your body clear. Large and bold bead embellishment around the neckline draw attention and add drama. Strapless bodies can be worn successfully by you. Belts create waist line. icy/silver heels and crystal clutch are suggested to be teamed with for the party look.

Shonajoy nude/muti dress $220,Size 8,David Jones, Castle Towers

I choose this body conscious /sporty styled dress because it boasts your great asset-your slim frame and tone that not every one would dare to pull off. “Sporty” is one of your obvious natural characters, this dress combined natural/ sporty style with party glamour.
The bold prints of contracting colors mix add texture and create curves. To the winter person, solid or simple patterns with a few colors are better than complex busy patterns with many colors. The rich and vibrant colors are flattering to you.
This dress inspired me of resort holiday or family garden recreation in Summer. I found this scarlet red sun hat in your wardrobe, it correspond with the red color on your dress. The wide edge makes you look modern and stylish. Last, your leather black sandals complete the whole outfit.

Veronik Maine dress, $189,Size 6,Veronik Maine shop, Castle Towers

This classic tailored dress make you look sophisticated and professional yet keep your understated feminine.
Grey is a great neutral also is your flattering colour. It combined with lots of other shades such as white, black, and other shades of grey, neutrals or bright and strong colours. The refine finished fabric is comfortable to wear and easily to breathe. The pleading of the waist line formed the curve of your body, avoid the long waist look.
Silver or white gold jewellery are great to wear, adding scarlet red nail polish and peep toe heels, you become a stylish and feminine career woman.

CUE white shirt $95,size 6, Myer,Castle Towers

As a winter, you cannot go wrong with crisp white Shirts. You can choose the one with lots of panels, gathering and pleating to create volume and curve for your top. This CUE white shirt is a perfect choice. Color is sharp white, classic cut with gathering and pleating in front to create curve .And it fit you perfectly.

You can wear with a black/grey skirt for a classic corporate look. Choose the knee length skirt is perfect for your height.

SABA Marcello leather jacket, $599, Size 6, David Jones, Chatswood Chase

This quality black leather jacket is great investment for the years coming. Fine leather is soft and silky, for the winter person, choosing the fine finish garment is important. Black is your flattering colour. It can go with varies of casual tanks, jeans or dresses. Worn with navy stripe tank is a classic look (Think of Kate Moss).As a winter, you particularly wear black and white combination well. This leather jacket allows you team with skinny jeans as smart day wear. Covering feminine print dress will give cool edge. The choice is endless.

CUE floral print skirt,$155,size 8, Myer, Castle Towers

This hot pink floral print skirt made a statement. It’s a fancy choice yet looks naturally glamour on you. A-line cut shape your figure. Large floral print, bold colour creates volume and curve. As a winter you wear black and white combination very well, hot pink also is in your colour palette.

Clashed with the black and white striped T-shirt gave an eclectic look. The black belt breaks the busy print combination and defines the body shape. You may team with a blazer or black leather jacket to cool down.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Combined colour palette

Skin: peach with brown freckles, rosy cheeks may blush easily. Eyes are green with brown flecks. Hair colour is chocolate brown close to charcoal brown. She is  Autumn with Spring influence.
Woman who are autumn usually have a sense of intensity to their warm skin tone. They need color to enhance this warmth. The color they wear should be earthy, warm, remind of the crispy autumn day. They can wear something that have exotic, spicy and mysterious effect. The golden autumn have some Spring influence, they can wear more vivid colour, such as red rust, purple, dark watermelon, Dark lime green, bright gold, peacock blue. Yet the colors still are rich and warm, such as red rust, pink coral, nutmeg, teal blue, Kelly green. Softer or muted colour in the autumn palette may make them look drab especially when wear close to their face.
●When shopping always look for shades with warm undertone that will match the glow with your complexion.

●Navy blues, olives, golden browns, deep warm greys work very well for complete outfits such as jacket, pants, sweater, skirt.

●Bold, vivid colors in autumn palette will look best on you. Such as bright red, red rust, orange-red, dark watermelon, purple, turquoise and lime green.

●When wear some colour outside your palette, keep this color far from your face.

●When wearing black, you may combine black with the camel,taupe,oyster,

beige as the option of white. Also wear enough make up to brighten your complexion.

The colors that should be avoided

1. The true bright and clear colour. Such as shocking pink .In stead, opt for the colour that are earthy and warm.

2. Typical black and white will not suit you because they may wash out your complexion and make you look unhealthy pale. Off-white is the better option because this is very wearable colour.

3. Pastel and blue tones are not good colors choice for you.

Skin golden beige,Eyes black brown,Hair dark brown
She is Autumn homebased with Winter influence

Suit clear vivid colour in Autumn colour palette,muted earthy colour would drab your need wear bright colours closest to your face,saving the more muted tones for skirt ans hoes,or to mix in prints.

Look for warm undertones as evident in your homebase palette as this will highlight the golden tones in your skin.

No pastel or blue tones

Choose your basic or staple pieces including suits (jacket, pants and skirt combinations), coats and some dresses in:

Navy or dark blue violet


Deep warm grey

Golden brown

Using accent colour in your colour palette to form colour scheme --

Harmonious: caramel, mustard and rust; or olive green, grass green and periwinkle.

Complimentary: turquoise and rust; or burgundy and olive green.

Discords:mustard and soft medium purple (contrasting discords) or gold and celery (harmonious discords).

What is your colour palette

Skin rosy beige Eyes black-brown Hair blue- black

She is winter homebase

When shopping think true, blue, and vivid; sharp, clear, and icy. jet black and pure white, navy blue, red and shocking pink all go well .

Solid or simple patterns with a few colours are better than complex busy patterns with many colours.

Fabrics should be refined finishes rather than textured surfaces. Wool or polished cotton are good examples.

For lighter colours, wear icy tones such as cool blues, pinks and yellows rather than pastels.

Avoid beige, orange, gold,golden browns, camel, off-white and any yellow based colours;never wear pastels.

Winter colours are intense and high contrast. It contains the primary colours and jewel tones such as ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green.

Celebrity as Anne Hathaway , Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta Jones

She likes Navy blue,beige,earthy red,smart dressing style

Skin:Ivory with pale golden freckles;Eyes Greyed brown;Hair golden brown

She is Autumn homebase

Autumns are all about glowing warmth and muted beauty. An autumn can wear colours that make you think of something exotic, spicy and mysterious to great effect. Suited to the softer or more muted colours, the neutrals, peach, periwinkle and jade. Shades such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown and even grey will bring out a healthy, gorgeous glow

Avoid black and white combinations,pastels,

Celebrity as Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Hilary
Swank,Jennifer Lopez, Terri Hatcher, Debra Messing

Skin rosy beige/pale beige with delicate pink cheeks ;Eyes hazel (cloudy brown smudge with blue or green)hair warm ash blond (slightly golden) .

She is Summer homebased

The summer palette consists of soft, muted colours with gentle contrasts. Think in terms of cool or blue undertoned, muted or cloudy colors.

The best complimentary colours Pink,blue,light grey. They wear Neutrals very well.Lavender family works beatifully on them.

For prints, choose soft watercolour prints, as well as complex patterns. It is best to avoid these prints around the face.

Basics should be in navy, burgundy and plum, soft rose brown, rose beige, rose taupe, blue-greys and off white.

She can wear most blues; simply avoid the royal blue or Chinese blue shade a winter should wear.

Greys should be worn from light blue-grey, to soft charcoal blue-grey.

Yellow is probably best avoided, however if it must be worn, only a light lemon will work. Avoid any yellow in particular with a gold undertone.

Famous Summer actresses include Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Charlise Theron

Skin creamy ivory Eyes clear blue Hair(see through hair root) golden brown

She is Spring homebased

Clear,sharp color make this person alive.Spring colours are bright and daring not shy pastles

Ivory,beige,golden brown, light navy,blue,peach,apricot,salmon,
coral, peachy pinks are beautiful for her. Aqua and turquoise,periwinkle blue and light blue,light to midium violet.

Avoid dark black together and pure white

Celebrities as Nicole Kidman,Linsay Lohen