Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poor stlying from Marie Clair?

Here is one professional photo shoot from “a bit country” theme series in Marie Clair April 2010.I love the country theme sets as shooting background, however I don’t like the way they put on the denim, t-shirt and draping skirt.

Location is at local shop corner a family band was performing and the model was supposed to present rock”n”roll style.80’s country rock music atmosphere was strong; the model wears Denim jacket, T-shirt and draping mini skirt. She was applauding and tapping with music .Unfortunately the draping skirt looks too bulky and complicated like baby diaper wrapped on her. The white color reinforced the bulky effect. The t-shirt in Smokey pattern looks too loud underneath comparing with the while skirt.

It’s no double this season 90’s Denim jacket is back, great choice for country style look. However, how to wear with it?

In this scenario, wearing acid-washed denim over graphic print dress,tied up a belt on the hips, adding a pair of chain-wrapped boots would create country chic look. Alternatively, wearing a LBD( not in black though), keep it simple and cool. If desire a bit glamour look, draping cocktail dress may be considered, sleek and plain in texture and pattern, wearing with art-inspired print scarf.

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