Thursday, September 9, 2010

BOHO and extra

This pose is inspired by one of my friend Amy,she always can choose something unique,like this $10 skirt bought 12 years ago from market .Trust me,you never found it again in today's shops.Obviously cute print skirts are well sought after these days.

She is going to South American for holiday next week,suddenly the spicy and exotic colours pot out of my mind,remind me of a cool blog I read days before.The website sells cool Argentine designer's garments and accessories.Extraordinary and unique!check it out.

Some contemporary paitings:the top one is by Dan Mason,mixed media,quite bold and colourful abstractions.Second one isby Larissa Blake,acrylic.

and some little things to enjoy:

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  1. Dear Jenea,
    Thanks so much for this post, I really appreciate your mention of my blog and web. You have a beautiful blog which I am following now.
    I will put a link to your blog in my blog under "Brothers & Sisters"
    Kindest regards,