Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fur go wild

From the Chanel to Gucci fall 2010 runway,designers'extravagant play on fur, can we call it the retro of " primitivism " in fashion history?

I was wondering if anyone would dare to wear them?Anna DR did.

The sartorialist achieved this photo see how people commend:
"Wild, absolutely wild! Shocking and aggressive; courageous."
"I adore this, I love how she is so vibrant amongst all the grey, brown and black."
"Amazing! God Bless ADR!"

Fur power swept the world, Chinese celebrity Jia ling Liu pull off a Gucci one,

See what comment she received:
"scares me and a big style plunge for her.she wears it just because it is Gucci's newest fall design and expensive,and again,we have to say that big name and price have nothing to do with the taste.was she blinded?when she was looking at mirror she should know this one made her like an chimpanzee "

Hush...well,if you are not like ADR (powerful in fashion world),don't even think of it.If you want to make statement,wear it in shocking colour!

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