Sunday, August 29, 2010

Learn colour scheme from Runway

Here is some theory about mix and match colours,learn to assemble a successful color scheme would be pleasing to the eye, interesting, varied and united. A color scheme may be:


Celine Spring2010
This uses only black, white and grey tones.The effect is always smart. Black,white may fall outside your colour palette, using grey as the base colour, black and white as the accent colour.
Composed of colors created from one hue, with the addition of black, white, grey or other colors. The effect is harmonious and safe. The neighbor colors usually present monochromatic theme from the palette.
LV resort2011

▪ Harmonious(Analogous):
Color schemes which are harmonious have one or more hues in common. The effect is more varied than a monochromatic scheme.



 Using colors opposite each other on the color wheel results in a bold, strong and contrasting effect. Exotic and mystery.
                                                                                     Christian Lacroix Fall 2008

▪Discords colour:  
 A discord occurs when the natural tonal order of the colour wheel is reversed. Visually cause “colour
clash”,confidence is the key.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009

▪ Combined harmonious/complementary:
These are mainly harmonious colors combinations, livened up with complementary accents. The overall effect is still harmonious, with exciting highlights.

Chloe Fall2010

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