Sunday, August 22, 2010

Combined colour palette

Skin: peach with brown freckles, rosy cheeks may blush easily. Eyes are green with brown flecks. Hair colour is chocolate brown close to charcoal brown. She is  Autumn with Spring influence.
Woman who are autumn usually have a sense of intensity to their warm skin tone. They need color to enhance this warmth. The color they wear should be earthy, warm, remind of the crispy autumn day. They can wear something that have exotic, spicy and mysterious effect. The golden autumn have some Spring influence, they can wear more vivid colour, such as red rust, purple, dark watermelon, Dark lime green, bright gold, peacock blue. Yet the colors still are rich and warm, such as red rust, pink coral, nutmeg, teal blue, Kelly green. Softer or muted colour in the autumn palette may make them look drab especially when wear close to their face.
●When shopping always look for shades with warm undertone that will match the glow with your complexion.

●Navy blues, olives, golden browns, deep warm greys work very well for complete outfits such as jacket, pants, sweater, skirt.

●Bold, vivid colors in autumn palette will look best on you. Such as bright red, red rust, orange-red, dark watermelon, purple, turquoise and lime green.

●When wear some colour outside your palette, keep this color far from your face.

●When wearing black, you may combine black with the camel,taupe,oyster,

beige as the option of white. Also wear enough make up to brighten your complexion.

The colors that should be avoided

1. The true bright and clear colour. Such as shocking pink .In stead, opt for the colour that are earthy and warm.

2. Typical black and white will not suit you because they may wash out your complexion and make you look unhealthy pale. Off-white is the better option because this is very wearable colour.

3. Pastel and blue tones are not good colors choice for you.

Skin golden beige,Eyes black brown,Hair dark brown
She is Autumn homebased with Winter influence

Suit clear vivid colour in Autumn colour palette,muted earthy colour would drab your need wear bright colours closest to your face,saving the more muted tones for skirt ans hoes,or to mix in prints.

Look for warm undertones as evident in your homebase palette as this will highlight the golden tones in your skin.

No pastel or blue tones

Choose your basic or staple pieces including suits (jacket, pants and skirt combinations), coats and some dresses in:

Navy or dark blue violet


Deep warm grey

Golden brown

Using accent colour in your colour palette to form colour scheme --

Harmonious: caramel, mustard and rust; or olive green, grass green and periwinkle.

Complimentary: turquoise and rust; or burgundy and olive green.

Discords:mustard and soft medium purple (contrasting discords) or gold and celery (harmonious discords).

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