Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seasonal colour wise

Khaki /Turquoise/ Emerald Green/ Orange-red/ Nude/ Coral are seemed to be flooded in the current season.Where are these fashion- wise colors come from? Are they all suitable for you?

According to Pantone fashion color report Spring 2010 and Fall 2010(, tropical Turquoise/Lagoon are definitely in. Often seen in accessories such as bags (Mimco store in Castle Towers).Turquoise is great choice for the Autumn people.
Spread with Military trend, Khaki /Dried herb /Woodbine are great neutral greens for the new season. Love Cavin Klein's Khaki jacket( David Jones store). Khaki is fantastic color for Autumn people too.

Coral will look beautiful for the Spring people. Try the current seasons in Witchery

This season's new red is more faded or muted red. Personally I like Burt Orange pair with Khaki; Lipstick red goes with Turquoise for the Retro look.

Pastels such as Pink champagne, Rose dust and Violet stay strong in this season, which woman not fancy soft pastels? Only those lucky Summer would present them the best. Pastels are the signature color in the Forever New.

Light- Medium Grey is the new black for the season, grey is great neutral that would go with any other colors. Almost suit for every one.

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